Reasoning with Curly & Da Uzual Suspects On New Music

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1. What is the inspiration behind your new release “Dem A Watch We?”

Well as I re-enter the recording and performing arena, many things remained unchanged over the years. One such thing is the constant spying on the masses by the powers that be. I simply deal with issues of the day. Equal rights an justice, whether its social, environmental, judicial, or racial. These are the things that drives me and is evident in my works over the years.

2. What is the story behind the title of the new release? What does it mean to you?

The title is pretty revealing “Dem A Watch We”. While many people are aware on a certain level about the ‘Big Brother’ practice, they are unaware of the multitude of ways they are being surveilled (spied on). While the song primarily reveals various interactions with the cops, it is simply because law enforcement is on the frontline and is that symbol representing the overt oppression we the people experience.

3. When and where was the release recorded? Why did you choose to record there?

The track is produced by Carl McGregor and recorded at Diamond Mine Studios in Northridge California. The reason is elementary; Diamond Mine Studio maintains high production standards. Also worth mentioning this is where I met Kerry Gordy who took me under his wings for about a year while trying to launch ‘Curly & Mo’ our previous project. This relationship lead to a guest performance on George Clinton and the P-Funk’s single “Paint The White House Black” which featured Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others.

4. You’re now back in the music scene after a long sabbatical, and after making major contributions to Belizean music and culture both in Belize and the Diaspora. What prompted this return?

The truth is – while I did leave the stage as a performer, you must remember that I remained active as a promoter which allowed me the honor of staging and promoting numerous international Caribbean an World Beat Artists and bands. This includes Beres Hammond, Lucky Dube, The Mighty Sparrow, Arrow, Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill, Shaggy, Beanie man, Inner Circle, Fulanito, Machel Montano, Love Boy, Eljai, Aziatic, and many others… In essence, I never left. On the contrary, my contributions continued un-interrupted from behind the stage of the “Caribbean Seabreeze Festival” and “Irie Reggae Festival”.

5. Are there any stories/anecdotes you want to share behind the making of the new release ? Did you use any unique instruments or gear?

The hooking up with ‘Angelica’ the beautiful vocals on this track for me was a real gem. She came highly recommended and lived up to the expectations. Highly professional and efficient. Big Respect!

6. What’s the difference between this release compared to your previous releases?

Everything. In the past we were paying by the hour for studio time. With that said, you either had to go in polished, or be prepared to pay a pretty penny to polish it up during studio sessions. Today, paying a predetermined price for a track, recorded, mixed, and mastered allows me to shoot for perfection or as close to it as I can get. Another important element is my life experiences. This allows for more critical analysis to take place over a particular issue leading to edutainment’.

7. Do you plan to tour in support of this release? If so, what can audiences expect from your live show. What is different from your live show versus the recording?

Yes! once the project is complete. In the mean time, I’m booking oneoff shows in support of the first and second singles. In terms of live performances, the audience can expect to get the excess lyrics that did not make it on the recording because of song length or other factors. They can be assured to see an animated synergetic performance.

8. Anything else you want to say about your music, yourself, or this release?

It is now available on iTunes, spotify, amazon, as well as most download and streaming platforms. Dem a Watch We Everywhere is War


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