Reasoning with Jesse Royal about his new endeavor – The Palace Pikney Foundation

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Jesse Royal

RFG: What is the Name of your initiative?

JR:  Palace Pikney Foundation

RFG: What Inspired the Name?

JR: Well initially the name itself was bestowed upon me by mama Elise who plays for Irie FM she was actually one of the first persons to ever play my song on the radio. The name caught on definitely especially the connection between ‘palace’ and ‘Royal’.  Every youth is royal in their own way not matter where they come from a lot of people just need opportunity, they just need a push. Sometimes people need an example. It is our duty to guide them through the maze that we create for them.

RFG: What is the purpose driving the Foundation?

JR: I have always advocated for the future of the youths and the necessity of the youths. People always say old people are the roots and the young ppl are the fruits. But I believe it is the other way around it is the youths who are the roots, new roots keep springing. The roots can’t wither away and die.

RFG: What are your expectations of your foundation in 5 years?

JR: To reach as many people as we can plus a little bit more. Excite other young people enough to be willing to invest their time and energy in the youth of the nation and hopefully to have a more stable and steady platform to help people who want to help but don’t have the necessary resources. I believe there are many good persons out there.

RFG: Given the trends in today’s society that go against the principles upon which your foundation is formed do you believe palace pickney foundation will withstand the pressure of the Society at large?

JR: The reality is we don’t have a choice, we have to. We have to maintain and fulfil the mission that we have taken on. We know it won’t be an easy road as nothing in life is easy but just like when you are raising a child there will be good days and bad days but once you keep the mission on your mind everything will be fine.

RFG: What should education seek to achieve in a developing society?

JR: Education is what will help us to lay more bricks on the foundation laid for us by those who have gone before us. Without the proper education it is impossible for one to know our history in order to know where we need to go as well as have the tools necessary to maintain and help to push it further. Which is very very important for a developing society, you need those new cells to help recharge the machine.

RFG: What does music and palace pickney foundation have in common?

JR: Music is one of the greatest tools that has been used in the history of mankind to educate and enlighten people as well as infiltrate the mental space of individuals whether consciously or unconsciously. We understand the power of music and that it speaks to people. The foundation being what it is and I being who I am there is a natural connection as I myself try to also be an example for youth not only in my life which is music but also in my regular day to day life.

RFG: How has Jesse Royal been maneuvering career and this purpose driven initiatives?

JR: Well for me maneuvering the career is a very interesting experience. As you grow your experience introduce new goals and new ideas which you want to pursue. That in itself has developed me in a way where everything else that I approach, I approach it with a seriousness because u understand the power of outreach, you understand the power of connecting with individuals you see where the world is at and where you hope to take it. That in itself is something that fuels me.

RFG: Do you have any upcoming projects?

JR: Yes. We are going to go into a few schools in Jamaica to interact with students in a platform outside of my musical contributions. What we have come up with is for smaller children we intend to read to them books from Jamaican authors and for the older children just have a reasoning with them get on their level.

RFG: How can persons become a part of this initiative?

JR: Well you can just email us. State your interest and we will be more than happy for your assistance in anyways you can.

RFG: How can people contact the Palace Pikney foundation?

JR: we can be contacted via email at palacepikneyfoundation@gmail.com

IG: @palacepikneyfoundation.


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