Reasoning with Mellow Mood about their NEW Album LARGE

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Mellow Mood1. What is the inspiration behind your new release LARGE

We’ve been working a lot in the last five years, both on tour and in the studio. We understood what we are able to do and what we are not, knowing your limits is a turning point. You can study all the styles and learn as much as you can but at the same time you have to stick to the real YOU and doing so music becomes more natural,you won’t force yourself trying things that just don’t fit you well. This album was exactly this: we think we found our sound together with Paolo Baldini and the band plays real tight. We got rid of all that’s unnecessary in terms of song writing, arranging, interpreting… We wanted the album to sound tuff but elegant and also mature, we wanted to record our best album and we believe we made it.

2. What is the story and inspiration behind the title of the new release? What does it mean to you? Why did you choose it?

The title track “Large” was probably the last song we added to the list. It’s a song that celebrates a simple life. Nowadays most of the music that the youths are exposed to glorifies money, getting rich and buying stuff, getting things: music clips are indeed filled with product placement… It’s music for the eyes not for the ears. We believe that the idea that the only redemption in life is becoming able to live it large is wrong and it’s not even affordable for the planet Earth.

3. When and where was the release recorded? Why did you choose to record there?

The album was recorded in Italy. The initial demos were recorded in the band’s rehearsal room in Porcia (PN), Italy back in January 2017. The recording of drums,bass, guitars and vocals took place at the Alambic Conspiracy Studio in Pordenone,Italy in September-October 2017. Keyboards were recorded at the Pedrolara Studio in Coriano (RN), Italy in September 2017. These are the usual studios where we always record, the Alambic Conspiracy Studio is our producer Paolo Baldini’s home studio.

4. Are there any stories/anecdotes you want to share behind the making of the new release ? Did you use any unique instruments or gear?

The making of the release took place during Autumn 2017, most of the album was recorded with a live approach, which means bass, drums and guitars were recorded simultaneously to give the songs a “band” feeling. Keyboards were recorded subsequently in the keyboard player’s home studio as he possesses a nice collection of vintage keyboards and pianos (like an A-100 Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet). We consistently used a couple of instruments in all the tracks to give a homogeneous sound to the whole album, like a Korg Trident as lead keyboard and for the lead guitars we used a phaser and tremolo/reverb. The idea was to have recurrent sounds throughout the whole album, like in the old days when it was common to use a more streamlined and uniform set of studio equipment/effects.

5. What was the songwriting process like? Do you have a unique approach? How does it work when you write with others?

All songs were arranged by the 5 band members during rehearsal sessions before entering the studio and record. Lyrics and melodies were written by Lorenzo and Jacopo but this time instead of having a mixed writing on each song, they both wrote 6 songs each so then you hear Jacopo singing parts that were written by Lorenzo and vice versa. We believe this approach gave the songs a better uniformity.

6. Are there any notable names to highlight that worked on the release? 

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by renowned Italian producer and dubmaster Paolo Baldini who’s been producing all the material from the band so far. Chris Athens of Chris Athens Masters (Damian Marley, N.E.R.D., Alborosie, Chronixx, Erykah Badu) mastered the album in Austin, TX. Collage artist Dewey Saunders (Chronixx, Anderson .Paak, Stones Throw Records) designed the album cover and artwork.

7. What’s the difference between this release compared to your previous releases?

 Every release is different and this one fits at the top of our catalog. We couldn’t make this album before and it’s not about the time it takes to become a technically better musician, it’s the awareness it takes to know what is your place in this music. We are very proud of “Large”, if anyone dropped an album like this we would think “ok, that’s the type of album we want to compose”.

8. Do you plan to tour in support of this release? If so, what can audiences expect from your live show. What is different from your live show versus the recording?

Sure, we’ll take this album on tour and hopefully all over the world. We still have to test the new show but so far it contains several tracks from “Large” underlining the importance of this record. The show is very energetic we’ll see people’s reactions but we are confident in the live set we are building.

9. Anything else you want to say about your music, yourself, or this release?

We prefer to let the music talk. We just can’t wait to be on tour and deliver this new piece of music!


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