“Reasoning with Quara Ahnyah about his new single, “One For You”

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“Reasoning with Quara Ahnyah about his new single, “One For You”

RFG: Please tell us about your upcoming single

Quara: My new single is entitled “One For You”. It is a song of love with the purpose of keeping relationships together. I’m singing about finding that special someone that was meant for you and sticking with that individual for life.
RFG:Which states /countries/festivals have you performed in?
Quara: I have performed at many local events in my community such as in Jamaica, East Kingston, and a couple other parishes, but the biggest venues I have performed at were in 2009 – Sting Jamworld and Rebel Salute. My only international performance was in Toronto, Canada at the 2010 Caribana festival.
RFG: What responsibility do you think Rastafari artists have at this time?
Quara: I don’t think our responsibility has changed from then till now, which is to educate, liberate, and help the emancipation of the mines of people throughout music on the earth with love that will conquer all divides.
RFG: How did your stage name come about?
Quara: My first stage name was “Ras Ikan” but then I found out that other artists are using the same name which is icon, therefor, I changed to my original name my father gave me which is “Call I.” When I was born my mother wanted to name me “Callus” but my dad said no not Callus but Call I; two years ago my brother “Ahnya Matar” aka “I RAIN” who learnt how to speak Hebrew, translated “Call I”, to “Quara Ahnya”, and since then i had been identified as that.
RFG: When did you start performing?
Quara: I started to DJ when I was about 9 years old at home and at school for fun. When I was 14, I performed in my community on a stage show and everyone was shocked saying they never knew I could DJ so well, and they encouraged me to do it, from there I took it seriously.
RFG:How would you describe your music?
Quara: I would describe my music as lover’s rock reggae, and reggae fusion.
RFG: With whom would you like to do a collaboration?
Quara: There are many good artists I would love to work with but for now I would say Sean Paul, Maxi Priest, and any artist that has a positive message to uplift and entertain the people. I would gladly work with them.

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Reggae artist bringing a new sound. Classic reggae with a smooth R&B feel.


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