Reasoning With Reggae Artist/Producer/Lupus Foundation Creator – DILLGIN

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RFG: What’s different about your music than some other reggae?

DILLGIN: The difference with my music is that it’s uplifting and has a positive message. 

RFG: What countries have you performed in?
DILLGIN: I have performed in several different countries such as; Europe, Brazil, England, The United States, Antigua, just to name a few. I love traveling and meeting the good-hearted reggae people all over the world.

RFG: You’re also a producer, whom have you produced? 
DILLGIN : Well, I have produced many artists such as Capleton, Sizzla, Luciano, Bennie Man, George Nooks, Anthony B, T.O.K, Half Pint, and many many more. 

RFG: Tell our readers about the new Money Tree EP

DILLGIN Money Tree EP is produced by Wall Streetz Records. The EP is getting the world ready for the album which will be releasing soon. Also, everyone go and download the Money Tree Ep, a percentage goes to the Lupus Foundation.

RFG: When will the full length album be coming out? 
DILLGIN : You can look forward to the album coming real soon.

RFG: Who did you listen to as a kid, teen, etc.?
DILLGIN: Well, growing up I listened to a variety of artists such as Ernie Smith, and Jimmy Cliff 

RFG: When did you start making music?

DILLGIN : Well you know I started making music from I was about 12 years old.  

RFG: Tell us about the Dillgin Lupus Foundation 

DILLGIN: Well, Dillgin Lupus Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to help the unfortunate and help find better treatment for the people.   

 Check out Dillgin and learn more about his music & the Dillgin Lupus Foundation at https://www.facebook.com/DillginJA/


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