Reggae Artist Uses New Video To Join The Fight For The Legalization Of Marijuana In Jamaica

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Emerging reggae artist, Kappo, has released the official video for his fast rising track, “sensimillia.” In the video, Kappo indicated which side he is on in the ongoing conversation about the legalization of ganja, particularly on the island of Jamaica. He and his team made it a point of duty to include a scene which shows them publicly demonstrating for the acceptance of marijuana.

Several clips in the video were shot in Westmorland (in Jamaica), one of the parishes known for growing cannabis in abundance. Following the video shoot, Kappo had this to say: “I think the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana is of much importance. If you look around you’ll see other countries gravitating towards this, especially for medicinal purposes, so we as Jamaicans need to also make a move in this direction.”

The song “Sensimillia” is now getting serious rotation on reggae platforms worldwide. The reviews from experienced, established reggae DJs (based in different parts of the world) are overwhelmingly positive. Since its release, Kappo has been extremely busy doing interviews, dubs, appearances etc. Several members of his team believe that the release of the official video will now intensify his schedule and possibly propel him further in the music industry.


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