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lionOrder your ad here with a simple click.

Digital Magazine: 

  • We expect to reach 1 million people in the first month; here’s how:
  • The annual content-rich magazine that is now digital will have a much further reach than our print magazine ever did.
  • We will be reaching out through our massive databases and website, Facebook, Twitter and through Custom e-blasts to our big lists.
  • We have contracted with 27 Reggae PR firms that will be doing regular blasts to their lists as well.
  • People will read the magazine on their smart phone or electronic device.
  • All ads will automatically be in color and will include two or three links – ie: one to purchase tickets, one to watch a video or listen to music, or link through to your Facebook or website, or listen to a commercial, or to click through to purchase song or CD.
  • And our magazine will also be available for free on Magzter – an enormous digital newsstand with millions of customers!
  • For people who don’t believe in digital advertising and like things the old-fashioned way, this is a bit of a hard sell, but for people like you who are we to use digital advertising, it’s a very good fit and a very good value.
  • We would like to earn your business so please let me know what size ad will work for you and we will be happy to make it for you at no additional charge.

Order your ad here with a simple click or call 775-337-8344


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