Reggae Powerhouse Band Releases Debut Album – Listen Here

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Reggae Powerhouse and Friends Series 1 Featuring Black Uhuru, Luciano, Sizzla And Michael Rose

Available Now on All Digital Services / Distributed Worldwide By Tuff Gong International

Reggae Powerhouse Band’s debut album Reggae Powerhouse Band and Friends Series 1 is here. The album is produced by Leroy Scarlett and features collaborations with Grammy award winners and multiple nominees. The album contains sixteen tracks, twelve Reggae Powerhouse band solo renditions and four songs with Black Uhuru, Luciano, Sizzla and Michael Rose. It is a timeless Roots Reggae soundtrack that crosses barriers.

The track “Roots” speaks to those who have lost a sense of their culture and roots. Luciano sings foundation make I strong and Roots will keep I going on’ In order to stand firm inna Babylon you have to be anchored, you have to be rooted and your roots must run deep. The roots of Rastafari are necessary for stability. This song celebrates those roots, cultural Roots, the roots of our elders and the roots of Rastafari.

“Stalk of Sensimilla” hits you with heavy imagery, transporting you down ah yard to ‘puff it and pass it over’ as Black Uhuru admonishes ‘don’t cut down the cully tree’.

Reggae Powerhouse Band goes deeply spiritual, with the aptly titled “Give Thanks and Praise” a joyous celebratory song to the creator, you will find yourself singing along‘ praises, me rise up this morning, praises, me give thanks for life.

You will be forgiven for thinking that this roots album is all about Love, as “Love for the Woman,” “It Don’t take Money.” “True Love,” “Hello” and “I Know.” all celebrate love. These five deeply emotional tracks display heartfelt love, adoration and respect or women, they are sure to become favorites.

Reggae Powerhouse Band performs a hair raising rendition of “Johnny Be Good” that must be heard. “Sweet Reggae Music” the world just can refuse it, truer words have hardly been uttered. This song lives up to it’s name, it is the sweetest reggae music.

“Watch and Peep” and “Awah” exposes all the bad mind people, who love to watch you and grudge you, ‘them ah fight we but we blessed by d almighty’ sings The Reggae Powerhouse Band front men.

“Culture” is a warning to cherish your culture or risk losing it and “Freedom” a performance with veteran singer Michael Rose reminds us that the struggle is still on, don’t give up the fight and Reggae Powerhouse Band front man croons ‘look how long black people have been suffering.’ The band gets political with Sizzla as he sends a message to the heads ah government to do something for the youths because “Nothing Nah Gwaan.”

The album is available now on all digital platforms and featuring on several social media platforms and playlists.

Leroy Scarlett the musical mastermind behind the Reggae Powerhouse Band grew up on the gritty streets of 1970’s Kingston and was privy to the evolution of Reggae. He shared the mic with Killimanjaro Sound back in the day and produced alongside many greats including close friends Black Uhuru’s Ducky Simpson, VP producer Clive Hunt and others.

Reggae Powerhouse Band aims to encapsulate and distill years of experience and release to the world sweet roots reggae music.

Album Track Listing
1. Roots featuring Luciano
2. Stalk of Sensimilla featuring Black Uhuru
3. Hello
4. Love For The Woman
5. Awah
6. High Grade
7. Watch and Peep
8. It Don’t Take Money
9. Johnny Be Good
10. Give Thanks and Praise
11. True Love
12. Sweet Reggae Music
13. Keep Your Culture
14. I Know
15. Freedom featuring Michael Rose
16. Nothing Nah Gwaan featuring Sizzla

Contact Reggae Powerhouse Band:
Leroy Scarlett
Phone: +1 (268) 722-2091
Email: reggaepowerhouseband@gmail.com

Source: Foundation Media


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