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Good morning brothers and sisters,  best wishes for you for a good year 2016 by Rhomanife.

The band Rhomanife give thanks, at the agencies, at the managers, at the organizzations, at the festivals and promoter, that call the band for the events. You can call the band for your events, tour 2016. We wait your call…we are ready for you with love. Rhomanife live Tour 2016. Greetings.

GLORY HALLELUJAH – new video Rhomanife – 3 awards beat100.

Rhomanife is a particolar band with important message for the people….

new cd  IN THE SKY  https://soundcloud.com/rhomanife


Rhomanife: ”Sciamaninne” by cd Love songs


Rhomanife – ”Pray Now”


Rhomanife – ”C’è bisogno d’amore”


Rhomanife – Bob Marley Tribute Medley


new videoclip, Rhomanife – ”Glory Hallelujiah”, 


Live show with band, acustic show, live show with dj and 2 corist, dance hall with sound system of 15000 watt homebuilt

tel.3389912968 (pino)https://www.facebook.com/RHOMANIFE tour of the 30°anniversary RHOMANIFE the new cd “IN THE SKY”  The new cd “In The Sky” of the band reggae RHOMANIFE, is a project live in studio, with upbeat music full of going and cheerful rhythm, a source of joy and hope, with lyrics full of words of love. Following the line of mystical previous album ” Love Songs ” , this new work also contains songs in English for the Christian love message in the world. RHOMANIFE  Rhomanife is not only a 10-member roots reggae style band. It´s a full scale cultural project based on events, dance-halls and open parties, recording studio and concert organization, a hand-made sound system and a true crew of friends and music lovers, people that share bread and faith in a complete respect, always ready to give more to who´s around. This year, they have let themselves get ispired by the spiritual experiences of one of their friends to compose songs for the brand new italian-english cd „In the sky“, in the name of love and in the name of Lord. RHOMANIFE, for hope, for true and love,   Short history:   Rhomanife since 1985 have played for 30 years and have performed in more than 700 concerts.    now the band is composed : Gianni Somma voice and guitar Pino Di Taranto bass Melissa Mongelli voice Chiara Mattia voice

Nicola Mineccia guitar Enrico Elia keyboards Francesco Bartoli drum the band RHOMANIFE has played in: Italy, Malta, Albania, Hungary and 2 tours in Czech Republic.next tour in : Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, U.K. , U.S.A. and where God wants. you can call RHOMANIFE for TOUR 2016 … production: Associazione WATER OF LIFE © 2016 www.rhomanife.com rhomanife@gmail.com  cell. 3389912968 349.3249966

also, we make the promotion of the events with our press office on the tv, paper, internet, radio

thank you and God bless you

Water Of Life association


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