Sgt. Remo Releases First Ever All-Spanish Single ‘Bandolero’ — Watch Video

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Sgt. Remo Releases First Ever All-Spanish Single ‘Bandolero’ — Watch Video

San Antonio, Texas – Reggae artist Sgt. Remo releases his first full Spanish language single Bandolero. The single is part of the upcoming Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 4 compilation album (Spring 2021) by Jah Yute Entertainment. This song is a tribute from Sgt. Remo to a great influence in his career.
The song is a re-lick of the original Bandolero by Pinchers. Sgt. Remo explains “when I first heard Pinchers’ Bandolero I was in high school in El Paso, TX. Before this song, I had never heard any reggae artist mention my city of El Paso or chat any Spanish lyrics. So when I heard Pinchers say ‘pick a likkle tune pon mi banjo, mek a likkle walk in El Paso’ and another part of the song saying ‘tell her buenas tardes señorita, I am the professor’ it blew my mind. From that point on I was hooked, and reggae music became my life.”

In Jan. 29 Jah Yute released the first pre-release single from the album. Ranking Joe’s infectious song Bubble set the tone for the rest of the album. Sgt. Remo’s Bandolero keeps the vibe flowing and will be the last pre-release single before the full album is released in the late spring. The album features music by Chezidek, Ranking Joe, Sgt. Remo, Soulfiya, Ras I-Dre, Ras Levy, and Blacc Sheep. Production and mixing for this release has been handled by Austin, TX’s respected producer McPullish.
Watch the Official Lyric Video HERE

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