Thank you for your kind words.
They mean a lot to us!

January 29, 2022

Good morning Kaati,

How are you doing? Truly appreciate everything ️!!!! You are on point with our campaign .. love love love love.

My kindness regards Queen

Sophia Brown

Blessed love and thank you!! 

The 25th Anniversary Magazine is awesome and I’m so excited to be included  – Big Big Up, much love and Congratulations!! 💛💚

 Gia Yee

(813) 679-3209

Reggae Music Artist/Producer


Congratulations on this incredible milestone.

RFG has been a wonderful vehicle for promotion of this special music.

I’ve been with you on this mission since day 1.

Representing Kenyatta Hill, Jah9, Big Mountain, Dubtonic Kru, Akae Beka, Macka B, Mellow Mood, Conkarah, Spiritual, Indubious, Mighty Joshua, Saritah, Rosie Delmah 

George Michailow

Fast Lane Int’l

Amazing work! Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks so much to you and then team Kaati! We really appreciate it. Please run it on whatever day you think will be most effective as it releases for download 4/6. 

Please give it a nice pleacement in this upcoming e-guide as well. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you again and again. Glory to JAH Rastafari

One Perfect  Love,

Jonathan, Taub Talent

Kaati, I want to thank you for the magnificent job you did with my ad. I was not much help, so you did great work in your research. I look forward to working with you far into the future. Thank you, thank you.

Fred Campbell  – SkaJamz Band

We are just a reflection of each other 🙂

Thank you for what you do for Reggae. You all have been leading the way for decades. I remember since the late 90’s the best part of summer coming was getting the RFG. I remember people coming by our shop and asking, did the RFG come in yet!? People would plan their summers based on what the saw in the RFG. Great memories. I remember submitting our first ad in the Guide in the early 2000’s and feeling so honored to be apart of the RFG. You all make people very happy and its great to see. Keep doing what you do best, bringing smiles to peoples faces.

From: Mark Petrasy

Hi Kaati,

We at Reggae Powerhouse Band are very satisified with the service provided so far and looking forward to future engagements. On that note, can you indicate any additional products and services offered that would be usefull for us?



Thanks ! Jah Love !

Jah Love and Many Thanks for your support of Reggae Music ! Please don’t stop !

Sincerely , Louise Garbarino and Rocky Bailey

Louise G

Hi Kaati! Just finished the terrific RFG online magazine! You’ve come a long way from the days of the b&w printed copy that I would take to reggae shops and records stores in our area. I just went through my scrapbook and found some articles that I wrote in the 90’s and an article on me by Amy Shapas in 2000. Keep up the good works!

Mike Pawka, eznoh@niceup.com RAW #94

Jammin Reggae Archives Cybrarian  niceup.com

Nice Up Enterprises    Twitter: @jamminreggae

Greetings Kaati!

Sending a heartfelt thanks to you & Reggae Festival Guide for your part in the Livicated Tour. Thousands were able to get a needed healing in

part to your generosity. I appreciate your partnership and will definitely stay in touch regarding future projects (which I may do independently of Zion Roots Sound). Jah is almighty in linking ones with good hearts! Praise Jah! Give thanks again & please feel free to communicate with me about ideas for events in the future:) Keep the link sistren!


Dearest Kaati

I am getting book orders, give thanks and praises! More love


Thanks to All,

    I am now getting your Reggae Festival Guide on my smartphone. And, I received the new digital edition of your annual edition. Would you please advise on how to access Anthony Postman’s “History of Reggae”. I like to keep it with me, sharing with others the priceless information. So many know so little, including myself. It has been a wonderful resource and I use it over and over. My phone used an Android system.

Thanks, and One Love.   Jimbe

Greetings Kaati –

Wow!! The Radics ad looks fantastic and bigger than expected!!!!!!!!!!

I see the check cleared – talk soon about what RBA can do for Radics and budget.

Max respect –

David Pansegrouw

Greetings Kaati, thanks for making us a part of your Business, and hope we can be a part of this exciting Magazine in the next issue, even thereafter. Once again, thank you and your staff, and blessed love.

And this made me very excited and happy Kaati, especially after reading about the new Hyperlink that we’ll be a part of, a link that goes straiight to our ads and will drive more traffic to our Music and website. In this day and age, what more can an artist of roots reggae ask for. I am very excited and eagerly awaits that Hypermove.

So Kaati, a big big thank you for everything, cos I will never stop sing. Blessed love always!

Jan 2, 2o15

Excited for the 2015 edition. Give thanks for all the hard work on your end to make the RFG a successful and informative publication. I read my first article in one at about 10 or 11 years old and have been enjoying them ever since.

Blessings & Respect, All the best for the new year.

Trent BransonTB. Website Design

Nov 27, 2014

Give thanks… for all you do! We read your E-guide every time we get them to see wha’gwan, seen? Thanks to you and your amazing staff for the good works! I hope all is well with you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Loren Miller
530 559 0447

Hi Kaati,

This is Fatty Matty writing ya, other than designing the Mystic Roots materials all these years, you might remember me as Boomshot’s blonde roommate from Chico during the amazing festivals and Brickworks reggae run in the late 90s early 00s.

ANYWAY! I’m writing to tell you that I like your publication, I like what you do, and I like how you do it. From what I have seen over the past (literally) 20 years, you have always run a tight ship with positivity throughout, great reggae guide, great shows, great festivals, shows that mean a lot to so many people, including me… Many people that I have known over these years who have worked with/for you speak highly of you too.

So I think it’s time today that someone randomly writes to tell you that you are very appreciated. Both as a person in charge of a worthwhile company, and as a person.

That’s it, see you at shows! : )

Design Director
Brand Consultant

ID International, LLC

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(530) 892-9027 x222
(530) 345-2558 fax

“Building bridges, developing brands”

Hi Kaati, I wanted to let you know that the Reggae Festival Guide Magazine looks great! Another superb issue! I immediately devoured the articles and I have been spending every spare moment perusing the ads and other interesting features like crosswords etc… We have already passed out dozens of them at gigs and with our busy summer schedule the rest will be gone soon. Thanks for your tireless efforts to promote our beloved reggae music!!!!! Thanks for supporting The Dayton Reggae Fest with the ad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Love from all your friends in Ohio!!!


Tom “SEEFARI” Carroll
MusicEye Productions
Music Director, Dayton Reggae Fest
937-532-3411 cel

8/31 I’m very passionate about your magazine and its positivity, consciousness, and irie’ vibez you’ve given to all reggae lovers over the years. Kudos to you and all your hard work to make reggae what it is today! Bless Up! You guyz are truly Marvelous. Saundra Torres, Executive Producer, Jamaica-West Productions 8/20 Greetings from The Bahamas. Just a note to thank you for all your updates and stories on various artist. I have been attending reggae festivals for the last 20 years and because of your information I believe I have seen one of the best shows ever ie Labor Day Irie Jamboree Queens New York 2009. I have already booked New York for Labor Day and was reliable informed by your medium that the concert has been cancelled. I need your help, please are there any reggae shows on the east coast for labour day 2010. Your attention in this matter is appreciated. One Love Wellington

6/10 Just to let you know, we gladly received the Reggae Festival guides 2010 and are very pleased with the ad we placed, alongside the rest of the magazine. It was great doing business with you and your team and we look forward to doing more in the near future. Best Regards, Faya Wurks, Ayleena

6/10: I just received a copy of the festival guide in the mail. Thanks for sending. I absolutely LOVE the cover photo. –Shaliza, Putumayo World Music

4/10: My double banner ad on the RFG website for my festival has brought more traffic than any other outside link. 5,794 referrals, March 25-31 –Kristine

2/10: Big up all FACEBOOK and all Reggae Festival Guide massive and crew…and to those who know me. I simply love The reggae Festival Guide and I think the staff that they have over there are teriffic! keep up the good work guys, S. Tyrone Ingram; founder / promoter; The SEEN Festival 2010 – The SEEN Music Series

1/10: Greetings and blessings thanks for the great vibe may JAH bless us all hope you enjoy the music keep up the great work one love www.mrmention.com.BLESSED!! –mrmention@

6/09: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover for the Reggae Festival Guide. It is so beautiful and clever ! Yvonne Hendricks, Reggae Rising Festival

Hi Ryan, I’ve been meaning to mention this to as a suggestion to promote Queen & Tony’s new releases on VP in the U.S. This would be to take out an ad in a great magazine here called the “Reggae Festival Guide”. I suspect you know this magazine?

The guide itself has a shelf life for at least a year. For a lot of Festival buyers, agents, manager & bands it’s like a bible of Reggae music and contacts. It lists all the Reggae festivals in North America and covers most others internationally. Industry and Reggae fans keep this guide in their possession all year round and continually use it as a reference guide. I do that for sure.

I also advertise my company and take out an ad in the guide every year. It’s paid off for me as I’ve gotten business for my clients from buyers seeing my ad.

Even if money is tight, they are good people at this organization. They will work with you on a budget pay plan. –Ric Bracamontes, AFT Booking Agency

8-08: Kaati, WOW! So, tremendously happy about this latest inovation. Congrats on getting this baby off the ground! Advertising with you kids is being taken to higha level and I am grateful! Big Up! Jaz, Jasmine May, Producer, Reggae Riddims Television Hawaii

8-08: I came across your magazine for the first time yesterday. I overlooked it to be another reggae magazine with updates and different information about the reggae dances and parties. But after reading the various articles inside I was VERY impressed and pleasantly surprised on how well written it was. The articles weren’t about the new dances that have polluted the dancehall culture, they were about the beauty of H.I.M, his teachings and followers among other things. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your magazine, and I look forward to your next issue. Your newest reader, Tasha

5-08: Thank you Kaati and that you so much for all that you do for Reggae. your site is one of our biggest referrals!! Thought you might like to know that. Hope you are well and feeling better.. Peace, Carol, Reggae Rising Festival

5-08: Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous earthday celebrations, and may the good Lord guide and protect you so you may live to enjoy many many many more earthdays like this one ok. One Love From the Gang, Gregory, Live Wyya, Marcia Griffiths and the rest of te Gang ok. Copeland

4-08: Hello Michel, I’ve been meaning to contact you about this as a suggestion to promote Alpha’s new release in the U.S. This would be to take out an ad in a great magazine here called the “Reggae Festival Guide”. The guide itself has a shelf life for at least a year. For a lot of Festival buyers, agents, manager & bands it’s like a bible of Reggae music and contacts. It lists all the Reggae festivals in North America and covers most others internationally. Industry and Reggae fans keep this guide in their possession all year round and continually use it as a reference guide. I do that for sure. I also advertise my company and take out an ad in the guide every year. I gave your contact information to the guides publisher Kaati Gaffney. She will probably contact you shortly to find out if your interested. I highly recommend it. Check their website: Kindest regards, RIC Bracamontes. / AFT BOOKING

6-07: Just wanted to let you know I just found this site. I have loved reggae for 30 years and have searched various sites for one such as yours. It is organized, informative, and to put it simply…I love it!! Thank you and keep up the great work!! Helen

Already seen an increase in traffic to the site since the listing was added to the Festival Guide. Bryan Mendoza, Sensimedia Network

11-06: Dear Sirs; Thank you for running your recent sweepstakes and thanks for the 2 Cds I received today. I will enjoy them; they will be great on the boat this summer!!! Again Thanks, Sincerely, Carolyn Auburn Hills, MN

8-06: Kaati i took your zines to the cutting edge music conference in new Orleans this weekend and they went like hot cakes!!!:-) hope all is well with you and yours. Respect and oneness !!! Henry Turner Jr.(flavor) RAW# 741

3-06: Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks! –anonymous visitor napsdavalleysoft3006@

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work! –anonymous visitor “jefstake2006@”

Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often! –anonymous visitor “ger.wildmon@”

Restaman blesseings and irie greetings……this site is a blessed one. linell hylton

Hey Kaati – Patty Sherman here – remember me from the Yreka area in CA? I wanted to tell you that I kept Mt. Shasta and Ashland, OR and all little places in between stocked with guides after you sent me a bunch after SNWMF. It was good that I had them, because every time I checked back at the main places in both Mt. Shasta and Ashland, they were out and ready for more! It felt real good to be spreading that love around. Right after ROTR I had to head back here to Texas, where I am now. I drove down here from CA, and all the way i had just a few – like 20 – guides still in the back seat of my car, and I would give them away if I saw someone who looked like they would appreciate it….like when I was getting gas or something….then since I’ve been here, I STILL had like 10 copies in the back of my car, but I’ve been taking the train to downtown Dallas for antiwar actions, so I would take one or two each time I took the train, and give them away, and last week I finally gave away the last one – -well, except the copy I saved for myself! The rasta vibe is really weak down here in bush country, so it’s a little lonely sometimes. We’ll be back in CA in the summer. Hope all is well with you and I wanted to tell you the guide just gets better every year. You really do an awesome job. See you in ’06. all good things, patty

Thank you so much… i received my copy and it looks great! although I’ve missed most of the festivals I am still happy to have the great articles to read. Big up and keep the positive works flowing! jah guide ~treviB

I will subscribe to the ezine… sounds fun… you honestly have one of the coolest magazines i have ever seen and/or read… Great Job!!! – nick Oz, “Oz Enterprizes Booking Agency”

Our music director contacted you recently to post the Caribbean Culture Fest on your site; we thank you for your tremendous work, because we immediately began getting hits on our website! Thanks again, Beth Long, Webmaster/Caribbean Culture Fest

Greetings & Jah Love, I love your website and all the info given in your newsletter. Keep up the great work! –Ifini Sheppard

Yoh! love the website, Reggae in the Park in the UK got cancelled – what a let down!!! Hi to all Janie B

Thanks for the nice site. But give my greetings to my mentors: Mutabaruka, Burning Spear, Culture and the rest of them. I hope to be in Jamaica next year to interact with them. Yours dan / Journalist

Greetings from Holland – Been to eindhoven reggae sundance festival , wow what a weekend again , PEACE , rastafari –rik

Wow! I have appreciated the guide for many years and the 10th anniversary issue tops them all. Our family couldn’t put it down. The layout was so pleasing and the articles were quite informative and enjoyable. It is awesome to see the same familiar advertisers supporting the publication and themselves being supprted as well. The locals crave the RFG and hounded me to order more. Please keep the fans in the mountains of NC on your distribution list. A wonderful magazine, team! –mama hope / irie farmer and Naturally Perfect landscaping

I love the new guide and the story of Sylvia – thank you, thank you, love you all and I got bundles from Kaati and started passing out in Club Dread and Oakland, they are being gobbled up like hot cakes. –Tullah Carter

Hiya Kaati, Got Guides on Wednesday, distributed one box in Denver that day, second box in Boulder the next. Gotta tell you this issue is the best. Great cover art, really good writings, and folks liked the “Plan Your Reggae” feature. Thanks a bunch, we all look forward to these every year. I might try to talk you out of even more next year!!??

The RFG came yesterday. Give massive thanks. Allready got them at the record stores, natural food stores and hippy shops. Great I-dition. Can’t wait to read it. –Rasta Stevie Smith

To Wanda Whitaker and the Reggae Guide Team, Greetings from Earthdance International. Dear Wanda, I loved your article on peace which I read on your website. Very inspiring. Best wishes, Chris Deckker, Founder, Earthdance International

I’ve helped distribute the Festival Guide for 3 or 4 years now, and would like to help again so that I can assist in spreading the beautiful message of Reggae music. I love being a part of something so wonderful – I live for Reggae festivals. Thank you for producing and promoting one of the best publications in existence. As Always, Your Faithful Reader –Davise Fletcher/Sacramento, CA

Thanks for adding me to your list and wish you much success with this e zine –Respect and Oneness, Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor

Thank you for the ezine. Really learned something. Well see i am doing kind of ok with my brand of reggae and dancehall music in Malaysia. Since i am the only one people just the ragga i do. regards –Sasi The Don (RAW #1684)

Greetings from the third world!!! Thanx for ya help,’cos we are intending to tour out off the Brazil, so that ezine was a help for us!! –Sensimilla

Great E-Guide! Liked all the “extras”, e.g.: recipes, word thing, etc. cool.-t. –Terry Walsh/Golden State Mortgage Capital

Your website looks great. I just went clicking around both sites and they really look good, clean, move fast, nice music, no pop ups – super! Thanks (and to say nothing of quick customer service response! –Kristine Shaff

I would like to personally applaud (with the warmest ‘BIGUP’ possible) the fabulous Publisher, Kaati and her hard working staff for the 10th Anniversary Reggae Festival Guide Edition. –Tullah

Thankyou for listing us in the Reggae Gold Pages. Your RFG magazine and Web site continues to be bubbling in the top onehundred. We are proud to carry the RFG link on our website and to help support our brothers and sisters in this fashion. –Lex and the Rootstock Crew… www.rootstockreggae.com

I live in Cebu, Philippines and I recently started a small monthly event called Downtown Dub here. I love your magazine- the last one I picked up was the 2000 edition but it still continues to inspire me. The reggae scene in Cebu is growing, and we have a number of talented bands that are getting more exposure through sponsored events. I am looking forward to your next guide, and maybe one day there will be an ad for a reggae party in Southeast Asia! It makes me feel good that even in these times of violence and terrorism in many parts of the world, the voice of the universal reggae music movement can be heard loud and clear in your magazine. –Sincerely, Johnson Luym

Web master Kristine & Kaati, Your work is appreciated and your site is by far the most important site in the Reggae world. –Don Schwarzkopf

I just got a copy of this year’s Reggae Festival Guide from Ambassador David who booked me at this year’s Island Fest in Michigan. The mag looks great!! I really enjoyed the articles and I can’t believe how many people that I know have ads this year! Very Cool! Congratulations on the best Reggae Festival Guide yet! I am definitely going to find the $$ in the budget to advertise next year. This year I have already performed at 5 festivals! I’m heading to Sedona next week for The Bob Marley Festival where I’ll be backed by Native American Reggae band The Wailing Coyotes. It should be big fun! –Blessings Itinually, SEEFARI

Well we are almost there huh? the long awaited 2002 RFG is upon us. I can only imagine how hard you and your staff have worked on this. The reggae community at large is all a buzz about it. I have friends, and business associates country wide who are always waiting with baited breath to see what is in store. You provide such an awesome resource to so many. It is important that you and your dedicated staff realize that. RFG is an institution, and rightfully so. We will be in touch. And GOOD LUCK !!!!!! “Night Nurse”

We are eager to see the magazine. It will also be very interesting to see what type of results it produces. It will be a gage for what we can expect next year. Kaati…. You and your entire effort “RFG” are awesome. The global reggae community is spiritually richer due to your existance….Peace and Inity….”Night Nurse” comments.

This is your festival loving rasta friend Peter, writing you to congratulate you again on you progress on the magazine and the fatty Web site. The site is awesome, helpful and exciting. And, with all the links, it is the best site for band and show info. So thank you for you efforts in making it easier and irie to find out what’s up with reggae shows. Thanks for being such a big part to the reggae industry and helping these bands make it as they can.

I would like to offer my help if I can assist in any way with the summer shows and would like to offer my help distributing the magazines on the islands of Hawaii and I was thinking if you have not already, to send a few to the loyal Japanese reggae fans, as well as, I know that they would love to come to some festivals here in America and become more involved. This past winter two-hundred Japanese flew here for a week to see String Cheese and they love reggae. Anyway just an idea. –With loving thoughts, Ras Peter Rastafari

Greetings, Thank you for the works you are performing. Icerely, Ras Charles Jones WHRW Binghamton

Just want to let you know… without your magazine, we as one suffer! You’re a blessing! Thank you from everybody who should thank you! I am one of them. –Jah Guide & love, Hossein Attar in San Francisco!

That one article (“Behind Babylon Wall”) has generated so much response, from Atlanta, GA to Comstock, NY to Soledad, CA! My thanks again. Perhaps this is just the beginning of letting the public know just what does go on “Behind Babylon Wall.” Believe me, it runs real deep and it transcends the color line. MASSIVE prison reform is a MUST!!!! Anyway, have a wonderful upcoming holiday. Peace and blessings. Forward the Reggae Vibe… Everytime!

Hey Kaati! Was cruising your site and loved it! hope all is well. My best, Barnett Javagogo

Your Web site saved my summer! –Isabella Lipski

Greetings, I came across your site, and must say, you’ve brought together a lot of info: respect! I play a radio show in Amsterdam, Holland: Riddim on the Wire featuring Big John & Inspector Roby. Maximum respect, Robin “Inspector” Latour.

Very nice publication, big up kaati and crew, give thanks, one, peace, roots-ee. –http://thearkband.com

I liked your visually impacting website…it’s very vibrant, lots of good info. –“HOTgalWIDloks”

You have a great www site & mag. Picked up the mag last year at Reggae on the Rocks–had it singed by Spear also. Keep up the wonderful service! Peace & Unity, Dave

Dear Kaati, Give thanks for the excellent quality of the guide again this year, as I do every year I tuck into a quiet spot and read the guide and drool over all the shows. Thanks for such a great mag and I hope to meet you again briefly like last year at SNWMF. My girlfriend and I have decided to volunteer and get involved. We will be working the press tent and I hope I get a chance to thank you again personally. NUFF RESPECT, DJ JAMES SNIDOW

Greetings!!! Mi’ jus waan fi’ drop you a quick line , nuff respect to your page , and what ur doing with ur publications. Keep up de’ good work. RESPECT !!!!

Dear Kaati, Your site looks great. Easy to read and interesting for the first page. –Noelle A. Kirton Bird’s Eye Music

Dear Kaati, Just a note here to tell you how impressed I am with this year’s guide – not only huge, but great stuff in there! Best Regards, Steve Heilig BEAT Magazine (SF connection)