Sophia Brown Releases Her Memoir  

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Sophia Brown

Releases Her Memoir  

 Reggae songstress extraordinaire

Sophia Brown recently made her literary debut with the release of her memoir which is titled
“The Heart of a Broken Girl”. 

“Writing this book was a very emotional and sometimes painful experience for me.
As you can imagine writing a memoir is not an easy thing to do because you’re sharing the most personal details of your life with the entire world. There were so many unanswered questions throughout my life. I always wanted to know why I was brought into this world and then discarded like a piece of excess baggage that nobody wanted. Writing this book has helped me to fill in some of the blank spaces. I am at peace with myself now and I am proud of my truth and that’s why I can share it with the world,” she said.  
The tell-all book is now available on Amazon 

“I’m so excited because I am officially a published author now that my book  is on Amazon. I know that in order for it to be a success I will have to do a lot of promotions and I am ready for that. I plan to keep a book launch in Jamaica as soon as the hard copy version of the book is ready.
After that I will return to the States for a month-long book tour,” said Brown. 

The vivacious entertainer who’s known for songs such as “Bad For Me”, “Weak To You”, and “Let It Be Me” says becoming an author will not interfere with her music career. 

“I plan to write the second volume of my memoirs very soon; I also plan to release a children’s book that I’ve co-authored with my son. However, that doesn’t mean that I am giving up my music career. I will always
be an artiste first and foremost recording music and singing for my fans is something  I enjoy very much. I would never give that up for anything.” 

Also on the cards for Sophia Brown is the release of a hot new single titled “Frozen” which is dropping April 28th.