Soulmedic & Zahira – More Than Gold

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Soulmedic & Zahira –

More Than Gold

Jah Kebra Music

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MORE THAN GOLD – Soulmedic and Zahira

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Reggae artists Soulmedic and Zahira present their first collaboration- “More Than Gold” on the Jah Kebra Music label, releasing Oct 28th.

“More Than Gold” covers weighing the heart of the individual as having more value than material conception. The new single invokes a rhythm that weaves the layers of time, bringing the classic roots sound to a modern maturity. Belgian producer- Only Vibes brings the recipe of solid bass, heavenly guitar and subtle bubble between horn hits held by a backbone of one drop mastery. “More Than Gold” calls to the hearts central role in connection to the creator and the ability to open it with miraculous result. A testament to progressive roots reggae, these two artists stand forefront, echoing the trumpet of consciousness. The visuals for “More Than Gold” (premiering Oct. 29th on Jah Kebra Music’s Youtube channel) are beautifully put together in a performance style video with the artists in images of paradise.

Soulmedic and Zahira individually are artists in their own right, with performances and recordings spanning fifteen years;  but their powerhouse combination on “More Than Gold” leaves the listener wanting more from this dynamic team. Both artists currently hail from the Big Island of Hawaii with potent reggae music forwarding vocal versatility and songs of inspiration.
Soulmedic and Zahira continue to progress originality while retaining a classic reggae sound.

Soulmedic has released several albums as an artist and producer, and has countless featured singles on other label’s compilations. An accomplished producer, Soulmedic has released music with popular reggae and dancehall artists such as Spragga Benz, Pressure Busspipe, Marlon Asher, and more. Soulmedic’s latest string of cultural reggae singles- “Man of the Century”, “Walls of Jehrico”, “Ancient Powers”, and “Terrible” have caught traction and positive response from fans and critics worldwide.

Zahira’s resonant, R&B quality voice commands attention and throughout her career, she has gained success as an internationally known vocalist, songwriter, and musician. Inspiring with positivity and a presence that lights up the stage, Zahira utilizes her music to promote healing and empowerment. She has released two studio albums and numerous singles throughout the years. Her latest success is her new single – “Call on Jah”
and it is available on all platforms.

Both Soulmedic and Zahira’s humanitarian efforts have donated tens of thousands of dollars to several causes through benefit concerts.

The new single “More Than Gold” from Soulmedic and Zahira is available TODAY October 28th, 2022 on all outlets.