The Peter Tosh Museum is Now Open

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Peter Tosh

How did the idea for the museum come about?

Since I can remember the idea of a Peter Tosh Museum for my father has been a concept that the family deemed necessary for an individual as complex and impactful as my father. About 3 years ago, the family was approached by Kingsley Cooper and Marlene Brown for us to collaborate on launching a museum in Kingston. And Although it took some time, it’s opening has been a huge success.

How long did it take to make it happen? Were there any challenges to the museum’s opening? 

My father had 10 children, so as with any large family, at times it can be difficult to get everyone to agree on everything all the time. What outweighed our differences of opinion was the fact that we all knew the significance of creating a historical landmark that would outlive us all. My father’s story must be told, by all means possible.

Describe what a tour of the museum looks like. What are some of the exhibits/displays? 

The museum has some phenomenal artifacts.  A guided tour takes you through many facets of my father’s life. From looking though one of his personal song books, to checking out his unicycle, and of course the infamous M16 Guitar that he used as a weapon to sing out against injustice. It is all there to see up close and personal.

Read more about the Peter Tosh Museum in the 23rd annual Reggae Festival Guide magazine to be released soon!



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