The Reggae Gathering Grammy Nominee Celebration

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The Reggae Gathering Grammy Nominee Celebration

Los Angeles, CA./ January 26, 2016 – The Inaugural Reggae Gathering – Grammy© Nominee Party is a worldwide gathering and celebration of Reggae; melding timeless, upcoming and nostalgic acts, with rooted, captivating innovators and leading music industry executives, who continue to evolve its steadfast movement, along with enthusiastic fans who support the genre.

This premier “all-inclusive guest policy” pre-Grammy© event, held in the heart of Los Angeles at Los Globos, located at 3040 West Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, was created to embody the quintessential representation and celebration of the industry and it’s nominees through an on-point and uplifting gathering of genre specific industry executives, brimming with live music and live painting experience, paired with authentic Caribbean delicacy’s and a limited-host full bar and a star-studded patrons.

The innovators and experts in the genre, as well as both established and up and coming talent will be in full throttle with Morgan Heritage/58th Grammy Nominee, Leon, Elan Atias, DJ Gramps Morgan, DJ Westafa, The Los Angeles Reggae AllStars and other surprise acts to be announced. Trinidadian artist Pasco The Great, will execute a live painting showcase.

Event hosts of the inaugural gathering will feature executives from some of the most profound labels, management and publicity firms, as well as key media, distribution and brands; all taking place under one exhilarating pre-Grammy© roof. 

Select hosts for the inaugural event are:

  • Eric Kohler – AEG Live
  • John Rollins – President/Magazine Consulting Team & Founding Publisher of Vibe
  • Clifton “Specialist” Dillon- Shang Records
  • Matt and Jon Phillips- Silverback Management
  • Pat McKay- Sirius Radio
  • Morgan Heritage
  • Lukes Morgan- Ineffable Music Group
  • Eddie Donaldson and James Marland – The Grow Division
  • “Native Wayne” Jobson- Indie 103.1 Radio
  • Rocky Dawuni – Artist/58th Grammy© Nominee
  • Dana Shayegan- Collective Digital Studio
  • Richard Lue- VP Records Group
  • Cary Sullivan – Rocky Dawuni/Afro Funke’/Boom Yard
  • Sire Dhone Johnson- RHA/ RSPK/Los Globos
  • Tanya Moore- Moore Media/ Moore CEG
  • Buppy Brown- Artist -Brown2Music Records
  • Junior Francis – The Reggae Show
  • Larry Little – Fortress Music/ Resident DTLA
  • Leon  – Actor/Musician – Leon and The Peoples
  • More to be announced…

The event is unique, as each host on the inaugural lineup contributes to the evening’s success, by giving back to the reggae community through their time, expertise and contributions. The brainchild of the Reggae Gathering Grammy Nominee Party is a collective of three founders, Sire Dhone Johnson, Lukes Morgan and Eddie Donaldson. The event will be held at 8pm on February 14th at Los Globos, located at 3040 West Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA.

For more information, please contact Eddie Donaldson of The Grow Division via email at: Eddie@TheGrowDivision.comFor media who would like to attend, please RSVP contact Tanya Moore of Moore Media via email at: PR@MooreMedia.TV to RSVP.



“In celebrating the Reggae Grammy© Nominees, The Reggae Gathering is an extension of it’s overall mission to be a body that celebrate inclusion and the true message on One Love.” – Sire Dhone Johnson/ RHA – RSPK – Los Globos

“Totally righteous that the worldwide massive, whether in JA, or U.S., or international, should gather at The Grammy’s – Los Angeles to celebrate the world’s most impactful-sound, our rock-steady beat at the world’s greatest on-night musical event… listen up!” – John Rollins/ Mag Consulting Team

“Celebrating the history and continued growth of reggae and its steadfast accomplishments through this event, alongside the talent and movers and shakers in the genre, is simply a natural progression in the movement – it’s called unity in community!” – Tanya Moore/ Moore Media – Moore CEG




Los Globos: http://www.clublosglobos.com/

AEG Live: http://www.aeglive.com/

Mag Consulting Team: http://magconsulting.com/

VP Records Group: http://www.vprecords.com/

Morgan Heritage: http://morganheritagemusic.com/

Rocky Dawuni: http://www.rockydawuni.com/

Leon: http://www.leonandthepeoples.net/

Elan Alias: http://elanmusic.com/

Silverback Music: http://silverbackmusic.net/

The Grow Division: http://thegrowdivision.com/

Moore Media: http://mooremedia.tv/

Sirius Radio:  http://www.siriusxm.com/

Indie 103.1: http://www.indie1031.com/

Westafa: http://www.westafa.com/

Collective Digital Studio: http://collectivedigitalstudio.com/

Fortress Music: http://www.fortress-music.com/about/

Junior Francis: http://www.internationalreggaestation.com/juniorfrancisreggaeshow/

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1540734669573101/


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