UK Based Reggae Artist, Peppery, Shoots Video For His Latest Single, “Everybody”

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PepperyBritain based Reggae/Dancehall artist Peppery has just wrapped up the shoot for his latest release, “everybody.” Recorded on the Just Believe Riddim from Blakkwuman22 Music and ODB Records, “everybody” is one of those songs that speak out against the selfish tendencies of persons, particularly within the entertainment industry, who covets their colleague’s achievements. As oppose to directly addressing those acting in a jealous manner however, Peppery, in his wisdom, decided to encourage the ones who are on the receiving end of this type of behavior.

In his song he says:

Hataz a pree you but a no you one

Dem no like you because you buy di new van

Some a dem wi grudge you for a few grand

A Gideon, put your boot on…

In an effort to capture the message of the track, Peppery created a studio scene which shows a fellow artist acting abominably towards him because of his recent musical accomplishments. Additional scenes include a conversation between him and his label mate, in which he is counseling his mate on the importance of staying strong amidst the haters.

Although all his scenes were captured in Manchester, UK, a few additional shots will be taken in Jamaica before editing begins. The song “everybody” can be downloaded here.


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