We give thanks and honoration to the family of Reggae Radio DJs & Selectas who have aired their own tributes from all corners of the globe since his passing on November 4, 2019. 

Click any link to hear the diverse tribute shows, mixes, and podcasts LIVICATED to the master philosopher, scholar, writer and teacher who put his heights to music… Rasta to the Bone…Vaughn Benjamin for Iver

For all music & info please go to akaebeka.com

US: Rasta Stevie – Heartbeat of Zion

Portugal: Selector Paul Matos/ Reggae Portugal Radio Show

US: Sounds of the Caribbean with Selecta Jerry

Puerto Rico: DJ Vesp

Finland: Blaka Blaka Show with Selector Andor

Australia: Babylon Burning Reggae & dancehall — Jesse I

Spain: Niko One Drop (Upsetta Int’l)

UK: Naffi-I

US: Dr. Roots’ “Roots Cypher Show”

France: Bamboo Station

US: Blessed Coast Sound on NiceUp.Com


US: Fiyahchief3 Mystik Eye

Australia: DJ Altafari

UK: Sound System Veterans Radio Show

Costa Rica: DJ Zabbah

Belgium: Frequency Radio/SamWise

US: Ras Moses’ Tribute Mix

US: DJ Ewket ~ Reggae Bloodlines

Trinidad and Tobago: Solid Rock Sound

Catalan / Spain: Wallar Beats/Onalatorre Radio Show

US: Ozcat Radio/Golden Lady

Portugal: Espaço Zion – Rádio Universidade de Coimbra by BertiRoots

US: DJ: D-RO/JahWorks Radio

Switzerland: The Nurstlove Show with Nurstacris Selectress

US: DJ-RJ/Reggae Evolution

Costa Rica: Dj Rackaz from Costa Rica Reggae Family Radio Show

Jamaica: Dermot Hussey/ THE RIFFS/ Music99FM Jamaica

US: Jason Primitive Barnes

UK: Kandace / Kandiva’s KandiShak

US: Jai Dev Show

St. Croix/ Florida, Virgin Islands, US: Selecta Kulcha – Show Fyah Emblem

US: Reggae Shack

France: Red Mat

Jamaica: Amlak Radio

Spain: Benahoare Reggae Radio

Serbia: Reggae Fever

Puerto Rico: Dj Nattyvo Selektah

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