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Reggae Festival Guide

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                                         Our editor Irene has gathered educational
                                                                                and  entertaining  articles  to  absorb.  Our
           EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS                                               editorial  is  purposefully  Peter  Tosh-heavy

           Dutty Bookman, Ras Sean Bookman,                                     this year due to the opening of the Peter
           Ryan Dobby, Chuck Foster, Irene Johnson,

           Tim Parsons, Ihi Tochi                                               Tosh Museum in Jamaica and the launch of
                                                                                his cannabis brand Peter Tosh 420. This suits
           PHOTO AND ART CONTRIBUTORS                                           me just fine; I always tell my friends "Legalize

           Jahvtz Blanton, Kevin Chung,,

           Joachim Maquet, Ryan Robert Miller,                                  It" is my favorite reggae song. Cannabis is
           Yannick Reid, April Steyert, Jessica Witfield                        also  a  common  thread  that  runs  through
                                                                                several of our feature stories. The landscape

           Colorado Rastafari, Peter Tosh Estate,                               of legal cannabis is new, but the ceremonial
           Peter Tosh Museum, © World A Reggae – Creatah                        sacrament of it is as old as the hills – central
                                                                                to much of Rastafari and reggae.

           Tom Andrews, Sean Bookman, Joana LeRoque                             It's reggae festival season! Plan your festie

           ADMINISTRATION/FESTIVAL CALENDAR                                     calendar  by  checking  out  the  amazing

           Heather Penrod-Rudd                                                  line-ups  in  our  Featured  Festivals.  Just  a
                                                                                click on a festival ad will bring you to the
           The opinions of the contributors are not necessarily                 festival’s  website  for  more  details  and  to
           the views of RBA Publishing and Publicity Inc.
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