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           Connecting Food, Family, Lifestyle

           By Tim Parsons

           Dig in to one of Ziggy Marley’s latest contributions: the Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook. Five

           chapters of recipes – many of which are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free – feature a blend

           of  flavors  and  cultures  from  traditional  Jamaican  and  Rastafarian  cuisine  to  Middle  Eastern
           meals.  An  inspiring  and  delicious  way  to  change  your  lifestyle  and  relationship  to  food.

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           Preserving Peter Tosh’s Legacy

           By Irene Johnson

           Learn about the opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in Kingston, Jamaica, and about the
           man whose music and messages remain as relevant today as ever. Featuring a guided tour,

           phenomenal artifacts and a look into the personal life of this reggae legend, the Peter Tosh

           Museum aims to preserve and promote his legacy.

           Colorado Rastafari Launches The One Love Club                                                                         PAGE 46

           By Ras Sean Bookman

           The Rastafari community in Colorado has come together in Manitou Springs to create a new kind
           of sacramental (cannabis) lounge – one that houses a world-class music venue, juice bar, coffee bar,

           restaurant and meeting place all under one roof. Here, members can have their sacrament grown

           for them and enjoy their herbs in a safe and sacred atmosphere, as well as partake in Rastafari
           spiritual and community programs, reasonings and teachings.

           Rastafari Souljahs of the Virgin Islands                                                                              PAGE 58

           By Ihi Tochi

           The reggae scene of the U.S. Virgin Islands is bubbling like a hearty pot of ital stew, widening the

           scope of what modern reggae sounds like – based in firm discipleship to His Majesty, yet with
           strong jazz and hip-hop influences. Learn about the impact of the V.I.’s unique history, and check

           out the music emerging from a collection of powerful artists that will resonate with your spirit

           and make lovely additions to your musical library.

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