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                                                                                 FRONT COVER

                                                                                 Born in Côte d’Ivoire, raised in Mali and now
                                                                                 based in Paris, Fatoumata Diawara – singer,
                                                                                 songwriter, musician, actor and dancer – has

                                                                                 created  her  own  unique  contemporary  folk

                                                                                 sound, inspired by Wassoulou tradition, jazz
                                                                                 and blues with an African spin. She presents
                                                                                 a joyous mix of the vibrant and understated,

                                                                                 combining  songs  about  love,  politics  and

                                                                                 empowerment.  Diawara  is  pictured  here
                                                                                 mesmerizing  the  audience  at  the  Wobeon
                                                                                 Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

                                                                                 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHER

                                                                                 Photo  ©  Sista  Irie  Photography,  all  rights
                                                                                 reserved. Sista Irie is the executive director

                                                                                 of KOOP radio, an amazing photojournalist,

                                                                                 and host of the Conscious Party radio show
                                                                                 on KAZI FM.

                                                                                 Reach out to her at

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