Angelique’s Project – Breaking the stigma of depression with music

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Angelique Cohen is on a mission to break the stigmas surrounding the issue of depression. Leading from the front, she uses her own struggle with depression as a tool for spreading awareness and starting serious and timely conversation around what she calls a “silent killer”Undergirding this mission is music. This has materialized as phase one; a live music event dubbed “Magic” which happens twice per month. Magic has been a sure bet on the Kingston live music scene for over a year. Some of Jamaica’s most talented artistes have given their time and talent to the cause. Magic for one, has given many individuals an opportunity to speak openly about their own struggles with depression and to encourage each and everyone to be vocal instead of suffering in silence. It also sensitizes those on the support end not to trivialize “depression” and to be able to identify signs in others and offer the appropriate assistance. It is a refreshing approach to advocacy and Angelique is definitely on to something marrying music with the issue of mental health. On Thursday June 7, Magic will experience another staging at their home – Stones Throw (1b Mannings Hill Road), featuring an amazing lineup to include GiHRL, The Grei Show, Five Steez and more. Phase two includes launching a Youtube channel to bring much needed information and dialogue to a wider audience, thus strengthening the impact of her work. Angelique continues the mission of healing and educating through the arts and is determined to make her mark and more importantly, to make a difference.

For more information please contact Havatio Music at havatiomusic@gmail.com.

Follow the movement on social media via #AngeliquesProject


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