CANCELED: Conscious Culture Festival 2016

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Conscious Culture Festival

Dear friends and family of CCF. We have had to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone the 2016 Conscious Culture Festival. From the very beginning this festival has upheld the standard of only accepting sponsorships from organizations and companies that are aligned with our values and mission to make our local communities stronger and our world better.

Between the corporate consolidation of grassroots festivals that we have refused to participate in, and a few of our feircely loyal sponsors being unable contribute at this moment, we are faced with a temporary budget shortfall. A logical decision would be to downsize the festival, or even launch a kickstarter or Go Fund Me campaign. But after some deep soul searching the realization emerged that we’ve come too far in the past 6 years as a truly community oriented arts, music, and educational event to take such a big step back.

Our vision is to spend the next year working with the CCF Family and sponsors (old and new) to produce the greatest Conscious Culture Festival yet in 2017. Together, we can exceed all of our past conceptions of what a truly independent community festival can be.

If you would like to be involved in the fields of long term planning and production for CCF 2017 then use the form at consciousculturefestival.com to let us know

Thank you to our CCF family for making Conscious Culture Festival a success 6 great Summers in row.


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