Colorado House of Rastafari Coming Events

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Colorado House of Rastafari

Blessed Love honorebel Members of Colorado House of Rastafari (CHOR)

April is very special time of year for Rastafari people and ganjah lovers world wide.

We will be celebrating when H.I.M. Haile Selassie the First visitedJamaica April 21st 1966 which is also known as Grounation Day and of we will hosting 3 days of events and festivities for 420!

Please see attached for poster for 420 events.. On Saturday 4/20 at 11am we will be hosting a Dub Wise Yoga class followed by One Drum band with special guests at 4:20 for a sinsemilla session! Nyahbinghi Ises on Saturday and Sunday evening!

This will also be CHOR’s official grand opening. We will be open Wedtil Sunday! We want to be Denver’s favorite place to grab ital vegan food, organic sacramental herbs and a sanctuary to increase knowledge and blaze a red hot fyah pon Babylon.

We are excited to announce we will be hosting the world famous DubPoet from Jamaica Ras Takura this coming Saturday at 3pm with special guests.

Starting in May CHOR will be hosting an International Art and Farmersmarket in our lot. Feel free to let anyone you may know about Market if they want to vend.

CHOR gives nuff thanks to all the love in the community and we lookforward to organizing, centralizing and coming together as one to do

JAH works.

One Perfect Love Rastafari!



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