IRD 2018 Celebrating 50 Years of Reggae and the Legacy of the Windrush Generation

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As the world fondly remembers the King of Reggae today, International Reggae Day (IRD) prepares to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Reggae from the roots to the branches and highlight the Jamaica to UK legacy of the Windrush Generation on JulyOne.  The IRD 24-hour media festival will feature themed media specials and content produced for Jamaicans and the global Reggae audience. IRD’s 24-hour Reggae party is powered by participating media in Jamaica and worldwide who broadcast/publish themed content highlighting various aspects of the music’s legacy and currency as well as special event partners British Black Music and Dub Force Radio.

International Reggae Day (IRD) is the first ever annual calendar event to be officially proclaimed and dedicated to celebrating the best of Jamaica’s lifestyle music and its impact on global culture.  The annual initiative seeks to mobilize the music lovers in the global Reggae community on JulyOne to build bridges and deepen the appreciation for Jamaica’s creative legacy.  IRD showcases the influence of Jamaica’s creative entrepreneurs and their global offspring by using the power of music, media, visual arts and technology.

The annual JulyOne celebration highlights noteworthy milestones and celebrates themes significant to the development and internationalization of Jamaican music.  This year’s events will include live concerts, film screening, sound system dances, industry panels and well as product launches will be held in strategic host cities in the UK, South Africa and the US as well as Reggae parties in popular resorts and venues around Jamaica and the Caribbean.

JulyOne activities include social media campaigns (tree plantings| 1Love yoga sessions), media features and programme specials, themed events, product launches, and IRD awards presented to key players/institutions. IRD’s Reggae 360X discount specials will be offered by a network of participating retailers in appreciation for those wearing their Reggae colours on JulyOne.


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