Reggae Music Infusion & interview with Mokoomba from this years Grassroots Festival!

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The Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance celebrated it’s 27th year with another magical carpet ride adventure through the sights, sounds, vibes and movements of this incredibly well produced 4-day festival. Every year on the third weekend of July over 10,000 music lovers converge on the fairgrounds in Trumansburg, NY to enjoy what remains a grassroots, non-corporate, fun, family friendly, all day and night dance party that takes place in the gorgeous Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

This year in particular featured a ton of reggae music acts with the legendary Morgan Heritage, Miami based Locos Por Juana and other Upstate NY bands like John Brown’s Body, Giant Panda, Root Shock, Thunder Body and Mosaic Foundation.

Every single one of these bands put on powerful performances that added to the already vibrant energy of the festival. Morgan Heritage brought their high energy stage show to the Infield stage Saturday night as a crowd of thousands moved their bodies to a blend of roots reggae, dancehall and reggae rock. Peetah Morgan expressed to the crowd, ‘The Grassroots Festival is an amazing festival! Walking around the people are so nice. Everyone in the country should know about this festival!’

Keeping with the tradition of roots music, every year the Grassroots festival features acts from the African continent like annual favorite Samite from Uganda and Mokoomba from Zimbabwe, which was a new edition and crowd favorite at this years festival.

I had a chance to connect with Mokoomba for a brief interview! The group shares a song blending their incredible vocal harmonies and a bit about their story from village boys to international music superstars. Listen here: http://wp.me/a6Axei-BB

Mokoomba is a MUST SEE band. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/mokoomba/

Grateful for another mind-blowing, inspiring and fun weekend at The Grassroots Festival! To learn more about the festival go to: https://www.grassrootsfest.org

And for more about the artists mentioned, check them out at:

Morgan Heritage: http://www.morganheritagemusic.com/

Locos Por Juana: http://www.locosporjuana.com/

John Brown’s Body: http://www.johnbrownsbody.com/

Giant Panda: http://livepanda.com/

Root Shock: http://www.rootshockmusic.com/

Thunder Body: http://www.thunderbody.com/

Masaic Foundation: http://www.mosaicfoundationmusic.com/

Samite: http://www.samite.com/

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