Root Sea :: “One Sea”

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Root Sea

Artist: Root Sea

CD: One Sea

Featured Song: ‘Programmed

Release Date: December 14, 2018


It is from the strong pull of Reggae and Dub that gives birth to the sounds of Root Sea. Based in Florida, the band members consist of both friends and family with a genuine love, passion, and respect for the music who set out to write, record and produce what would be their debut release ‘One Sea’.

Ideas started a couple years ago with two friends, bass guitar/producer Michael Stauch and singer/lyricist Joshua Addison in the secluded California Mountains with the track ‘My Story’. Things were put on hold for some months until they began to write and record different tracks and ideas back in Florida. ‘’At first, as I think many can relate, it originated as a well needed outlet during some stressful times’’, explains Joshua. In early Spring 2018 while in North Florida, they were again able to create and record music together. They quickly realized the music was developing into something impactful and that it had real meaning to them both. ‘’I have been producing and recording reggae for a long time, but this seemed different. We were in actual agreement on a level that was refreshing,’’ Michael states. This creative collaboration became the debut album ‘One Sea’. Eventually, they would narrow down ideas and riddims to the nine tracks that make up ‘One Sea’. The first track ‘Horizon’ sends an environmental message regarding the dangers of further pollution to our oceans and waters from plastics. ‘Give the Medicine’ demands the access to medical cannabis and its numerous benefits while the track ‘Tribute to the Farmer’ pays homage to the classic Peter Broggs tune ‘International Farmer’. 

Mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox Studios in Washington, D.C., ‘One Sea’ serves as the groups debut to the reggae music world. Find Root Sea Music on all major digital outlets including iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and more! 

www.RootSeaMusic.com rootseamusic@gmail.com  904.240.2353


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