Un AmOur Band is booking summer 2019 show dates now

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Un AmOur BandUn AmOur = One Love. The world needs to heal and how to we do that? UN AMOUR BAND can help. To book Un AmOur Band for your 2019 event, please email.

Music is a tremendous opportunity to reach people and Un AmOur Band helps to elevate the consciousness of the people by raising the vibe through music using lyrical medicine.

“Best New Reggae Rock Band On The Planet”.- Wavy Gravy   

“Best new music festival band. -Hightimes Magazine

Un AmOur Band music, is an original blend of reggae rock island style dance fusion with positive messages.

Our live show is fun and upbeat with choreographed lighting and psychedelic videos timed to the music for big screens, electronic effects, horn section and chilling vocal harmonies. Inviting and entertaining.


“Un AmOur Band raises the bar for conscious lyrics” -Arizona State University.

“Lyrical Medicine. UAB music heals me!” -Festival groupies

“Amazing live show. What a great band” -Bear Republic Lakeside.

“Best live show 2018” -Concerts in the park events

“Un AmOur Band raised the vibe of our event” -Santa Rosa Junior College

Read more about Un AmOur Band and WHY we’re doing this.

PDF “Music as Medicine”: https://www.unamourband.com/about-us

Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJJ00X1OiYw&t=3s

Has music ever helped you when you were down or made you dance, sing, laugh? inspired you to keep going and believe in yourself?

There are certain universal truths that we can all agree with, no matter our race, sex, culture or religion.

Un AmOur Band amplifies those truths by allowing people to recognize and reprogram destructive thinking.

We are one people, on one planet, with one mission.

To evolve and improve as a species and to take responsibility and fix what is not right in our world. It starts in our own mind. We must heal ourselves and return to love. Changing the world, one heart at a time. Un AmOur Band is here.

One Love One world One people.

Booking summer 2019 show dates now.

To book Un AmOur Band for your 2019 event, please email jon@unamourband.com

Website: www.unamourband.com


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