Buju Banton: One Of Jamaica’s Brightest Stars

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Buju Banton

By Demo Delgado

One of Buju Banton’s best songs ever recorded is “Close One Yesterday” written by Stephen Marley, Mark Myrie and Steven “Lenky” Marsden.

Apart from Bob Marley, Buju Banton is one of Jamaica’s brightest stars.  Demo Delgado always looked up to him as a positive role model. I admire his consciousness and the way he delivers his lyrics. As a youth growing up in a Jamaican garrison, I saw a pathway to better myself by trying to follow in Buju’s footsteps and achieve some sort of success.

I think that’s a great thing because too many youth in Jamaica today don’t really have positive role models in the entertainment industry or in their communities.

I grew up in some of the most extreme ghettos. I was born in Waterford and my mother and I moved to Kingston where we lived in a tenement yard in Maxfield Ave. As a youth in Jamaica it seemed almost impossible to escape poverty. Many of my childhood friends picked up guns and it became a rude boy thing for them; many of them died and didn’t get the chance to be what they could have been.

Lucky for me, I saw a star and I wanted to shine bright like he did. I started honing my craft, writing original songs and deliver them on key like the Banton.  I practiced every day until I developed my own style and sound and started recording when I was still a teenager. Vertical Production managed by Sandy ”Spliffy” Thompson put out my first single “For No Reason” on vinyl.  So I was off to a great start and I give credit to Buju for being such a great role model.

Buju BantonI now see people try to belittle Buju because of his incarceration and that positive light might have dimmed a little, but his music will always have a powerful message. People make mistakes.  Rather than berate someone, I’d rather take this opportunity to write about the positive aspects.  Just look at how Buju’s work changed my life and I bet it has changed others in a positive way too. Buju might be incarcerated but not for long. As it says  In the song, ”One day things must get better.” Free Buju!

In the meantime, I am one who will celebrate Buju’s work and help spread his message of truth and love.  Everybody knows Bob Marley songs and are quick to cover them.  For me, Buju’s songs are just as melodious and impactful as Bob’s, so I chose to celebrate one of my favorites in this video.

Visit BujuBanton.com: there’s a subscription fee to access the full site, which goes toward his nonprofit philanthropic organization. Your monthly contribution/membership provides you the opportunity to win back stage passes and tickets, autographed gifts, and the ability to ask Buju any question you desire – and receive answers directly from him. 


Buju BantonAbout Demo Delgado

Demo was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He started recording at the age of 15, and already had 2 radio hits by the time he was 18. He enjoyed a successful early career writing and touring with various reggae/ dancehall artists.  One of the songs he co-wrote and performed with Wayne Wonder, “Baby I Need You”, was featured in the movie SOMETHING NEW.

Demo Delgado is honored to be opening for Tarrus Riley on Friday, July 8 when the Golden West presents “Reggae at Union Nightclub L.A.” Union Nightclub is located at 4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90019.


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