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From Humble Beginnings…

born the youngest of 9 children, Tuff I was raised in the lush green country side in St John, Barbados. Named Clyde Adamson he began his life enjoying the blessings of nature.

As a youth Tuff and his family would gather in the evenings to listen to his father play the guitar. Sweet melodies would ring out while his mother and children would listen and sing along. Whenever the opportunity presented itself Tuff would also take up his father’s guitar and pluck the strings carefully to sound out the rhythms of his most early influences such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown and Frankie Paul. It was soon after as a young teenager that he emerged as a musician with a gift to play by ear and freestyle his own tunes.

Today, emerging as Tuff I the listener will hear and find a passionate artist from humble beginnings who writes all his own lyrics, creates the rhythm section. Tuff opens his heart to share his views on reality through a sweet fusion of reggae, rock and soul. It is with a thankful and blessed heart that he brings this to you.

Blessings and One Love,

Tuff I and Heather


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