desmond the songwriter’s new uplifting single ‘Rise Up”

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desmond the songwriter

New Single “Rise Up” is an uplifting, dancehall song about using your talent for motivation and for changing your circumstances. It is the first single from the album that is coming out in October entitled

Money or the Lack Thereof.

desmond the songwriter is based in New York City and is originally from the birth place of reggae, Kingston, Jamaica. His smooth vocals are infused with heartfelt and uplifting lyrical mastery backed by beautiful production.

desmond the songwriter doesn’t have a last name because he is not sure who is his father. He grew up poor in Kingston and he rose above the adversity to pursue his dreams and passion. His adopted parents took him to church at 8 years old and his singing touched the community and inspired others around him.

desmond was encouraged to pursue a life and career in music. desmond the songwriter’s vision is to inspire as many people to realize their dreams despite their experience.

He is a songwriter in its truest form, a story teller with spiritual substance with sweet melodies and mastery in musical accompaniment. He has traveled the world sharing his gifts and is available for bookings at your festival, concert or event.

desmond the songwriter’s first full album- Money or Lack Thereof will be released 10/27/2017! The first single from the album “Rise Up” is currently available on iTunes and at his website.



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