JAH-N-I Roots Movement featuring JAHRIFFE

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Greeting’s Supporter’s of the Movement

What Movement some may ask? The movement of Cultivation of the divine you.

Sorry wait I am Jahriffe the lead Vocal of the JAH-N-I Roots Movement t he inspiration of the JAH-N-I Roots Movement is to motivated other beings on the earth to be there true selves. Using music as a tool for Thanks Giving of life, Instruction that assist in daily life challenges and encouragement to live your life to a standard that you see to be the qualities of you creator. This to me is the duty and life as a Rasta, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or Spiritualist. We are in a time that everyone is yearning for peace I know that peace will only come when one has peace in him or her self.

  So here is another song that we are sharing ” Rasta Can’t Fade” Give thanks for those before us and ones now here and those to come. Keep putting in work cause someone other then yourself is being helped. Rasta Love


Jahriffe ( JAH-N-I Roots Movement)

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