Jungle Jam, Costa Rica, March 12-10, 2017

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Picture gorgeous sun-drenched beaches, stunning sunrises and sunsets. Add in lush jungles filled with a colorful variety of wildlife, from capuchin monkeys to scarlet macaws. Jungle Jam operates on the guiding principles of ‘Pura Vida,’ that life is damn good, so let’s get out there and enjoy all that it has to offer!

Each day at Jungle Jam starts with live music yoga on the beach. Then, take one of the spectacular eco tours, sport adventures and excursions offered. Zip line across the rain forest or take a boat cruises to see crocodiles. Or perhaps you want to learn to surf or hike through Manuel Antonio National Park. There is something for everyone and simply no better way to experience Costa Rica up close – and you never know which band members will be on the same adventure right next to you.

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