Oroville Rock Reggae Jam Fest

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Ifa Journey and Stephen Marley have known each other from they were youths. They were raised by the same elders who coached the late great Bob Marley. Ifa’s motto is simple: “One God, One Human, One Destiny” and he conveys this message through the release of his first solo album “Journey”. He wants the world to unite and live as one in peace and harmony. Ifa Journey is a Rastaman to the core of his being, deriving inspiration from all aspects of life. He writes about love, pain, social, and political aspects of society. Being that the first type of music that moved his soul was Gospel music, he touches upon the spirituality of humanity and stresses the importance of being a man of JAH. This message is clearly displayed emotionally charged first single, “How Often Do You Pray” from his first Album Journey. Ifa also acts, his first movie at age of 14 was Club Paradise with Robin Williams and Jimmy Cliff. He also did a few more movies (Southside, hairshow) and Soap operas (The Darkside of the Bay) in Hollywood.

Stephen Marley of the ghetto youths is the Third Child of the Legendary Robert Nesta Marley. He has been in the music world from he was six years of age with the group the Melody Makers with his siblings Ziggy, Cedella, and Sharon. Stephen has won 6 Grammys three from the group the Melody Makers, 2 from producing his brother Damian Marley albums and two from his albums (Mind Control and Revelations). Stephen has not become a sensation overnight. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. He states that: ” I believe in struggling to attain greatness and it has taken a lot of sacrifice to get these things, he explains. ” it is like exercise, you can’t just get fit you really have to work at it. It is the same thing with music, If it come easy, it is going to go easy so we really appreciate the years, the time that it takes, the time that we put into it; what comes out of it, I don’t take that for granted either.”

Collaborating to do A festival was a No Brainer for these two young men who grew up together as Rasta youths in Jamaica. They have a mission to do uniting the people together in Love and teaching them about Rastafari Culture and Livity. From the teachings of current and past elders. Both Ifa journey and Stephen Marley are sons of great men, Ras benji and Bob Marley. Bob Marley and Ras Benji is in Zion smiling at the wonderful works of these aspiring sons.



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