Reasoning with Roots Reggae Artist: Osezua

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Reasoning with Roots Reggae Artist: Osezua

RFG: How would you describe your musical style?

OSEZUA: My music has the spirit of the universe with drums and bass. For reggae music lovers; I’m an original Artist/Songwriter/Producer Composer creating contemporary authentic crucial roots reggae anthems guaranteed to make you feel Irie and take you places you never been! Right now! There’s just no substitute for roots reggae music in the world. If you like Garnett Silk, Bob Marley, Culture etc., you’re in the right place. The Journey Just Began one love! Are you ready? It’s a joy to be working with my son Tafari who is an engineer and co-produce many of I tracks.

RFG: When and why did you start writing songs?

OSEZUA: Some events happened in my life that inspired me, first, while on the Baseball field I was greeted by Lightning! I was struck I literally saw the face of the Almighty power that were out of this plane of existence. Then, I started having visions of future events that impact our way of life. Next, music was born in my soul. I started writing and producing songs relentlessly. With 4 Albums to my credit it’s just a small fraction of music with Nuff unreleased works to come. There are so many instances that propelled me into becoming a reggae artist.

Writing Music that have ones thinking outside the box, spiritual dimensions, metaphysical topics bring forth unity, truth, Identity of self-harmony War’s already been tried to no avail.  We must know our responsibility to humanity above our selves. What matters is a peace of mind. In one of my songs, “Live Let’s Live” . Better is a piece of bread that you eat in peace than a rich man’s wealth where devils a feast, contemplation mediation, clean hands, pure heart is sweet to the spirit and your soul.

I would like to mention another of my songs, “Without Mercy”. if we don’t change our mentality the judgement will be without mercy. We’re in a tumultuous state right now; I see that people are more concerned with recycling everything but quick to write-off a human being, no one is perfect, never give up on humanity recycling as you would everything else. A little kindness goes a long way we all have to exist in this small space call the earth.

RFG: Where have you performed?

OSEZUA: Having the privilege to perform on many stages across the country make me realize the great platform it is to connect with likeminded souls. A few of these places were: Friends of Reggae International Kansas City Reggae Fest (2021), Little Hero Birth Day Bash in Jamaica, African Festival of the Arts-Chicago, Wild Hare-Chicago, Caribbean Festival-Chicago, Oklahoma Reggae Festival, Minnesota, I’m looking forward to performing in Afrika, Europe, Australia, Sweden, Asia and South America.

Some of my Upcoming shows are: the Mid-west Reggae Festival August 19, 2022, (Friends of Reggae International Kansas City Roots Reggae Music & Jerk Fest July- 22- 23- 24, 2022 Kansas City, MO)

Note: currently confirming shows I will keep you informed on my shows.

I invite all reggae lovers to check out my music on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer & Youtube.

Give thanks!


Booking Contact: Neptis Reggae   

osezuamusic@gmail.com.   www.omuzic.net