Reggae Trilogy eBook

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Reggae Trilogy eBook


Some of you may remember me. It’s been a while since I’ve reached out…I apologize for that. If you’re reading this and wish to receive an update email from me every once in a while, then I say thank you! If you wish to unsubscribe, that’s okay, too. 

I’m excited to tell you about the progress of the Reggae Report Archive, and happy to inform our early supporters that my first eBook is up on Amazon!

Reggae Trilogy Vol. 1 – 200+ ‘80s & 90s Reggae & Dancehall Artist Headshots is available now! This inside look at the Fashion, Culture & Lifestyle of Reggae’s most popular ear is available now at a reduced, temporary price to encourage honest, short (verified) reviews! I humbly request that you go download it, check it out (even partially) and, hopefully, enjoy it enough to give it a review! Here’s the 


Reggae Trilogy Vol.1 >https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07STXRQXL

If you have family or close friends you believe would enjoy, review and rate this eBook, then feel free to share this link! (Saving the big push for when the price goes up in two weeks! So get in early!)

The more reviews and ratings the eBook gets in this initial phase, the more Amazon will say Wow!…and push it out to more Reggae fans! Several of the reviews will be added to the eBook’s introduction before the major marketing campaign (and increased price) begins in a couple of weeks.

Please know that I am forever grateful for your love, encouragement, and moral support over the decades.

I look forward to seeing how this goes. There are two more Headshot eBooks planned, and a special bonus eBook!

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support of #ReggaeHistory.


M. Peggy Quattro

Reggae Report Founder/Publisher


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