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Dub is the essence of reggae. It’s reggae stripped down to what is most reggae about reggae–the drum and bass riddims that drive the music and make it the unique blend of African and Caribbean influences informed by all styles of music–jazz, rhythm and blues, folk, country, rock and

beyond–that inspired the work of King Tubby and the other original innovators of this uniquely Jamaican form.

Hotter Fire Dub burns with the intensity of the classic dub releases that emerged in the early 1970’s and slowly spread around the globe. With a palette of effects that helped define that innovative era these driving riddims, enhanced by creative use of today’s technological innovations bring the spirit of dub into modern times.

Hotter Fire Dub is the fifth dub release from producer Chuck Foster, who hosts Reggae Central on KPFK in LA. Chuck and his cohort Mike Irwin remixed tracks from Chuck’s latest vocal release It’s Time emphasizing the heavy riddims featuring Mike Irwin on bass, UK-based Horseman on drums,

Jamaica’s Tony Bird on keyboards and Alberto Fernandez and Rex Bailey on guitar.

Grounded in the rockers-era riddims that fueled the era when reggae had it’s greatest international impact, these sturdy dubs feature all-original riddims and bass lines and classic effects combining contemporary

recording techniques with traditional vibes for a thoroughly satisfying journey through the world of dub.


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