Prezident Brown – New Album Journeyman Pilgrimage 4/20 Release – Upcoming Show Dates

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Following his last 7 Track “Journeyman Ep” release April 2015, and a successful crowd funding campaign on “Musicraiser.com” Prezident Brown now comes forward with a full length, 14 track album “Journeyman Pilgrimage”.

This album is livicated to the memory of legendary producer and sound system operator Lawrence (Jack Ruby) Lindo. R.I.P. Prez’s experience as an MC with Jack Ruby’s Hi Power at 1 Muzik Ave, Ocho Rios, JA, was most instrumental in his formative years. There he got his first insight into music Production, Recording and the possibility of going international.

“Journeyman Pilgrimage” is packed with solid Roots Rock Reggae music, riddim and words, conscious rhymes and reasoning and features some of the best musicians and producers on the North Coast of Jamaica. “Journeyman Pilgrimage” is scheduled for release digitally and physically 4/20, distributed by Zojak Worldwide.

Prezident Brown has been touring the US every year consistently for the last decade with his own band. He has headlined many festivals including Reggae in the Hills, the Rejuvenation Festival in Santa Cruz, CA, The Northwest Reggaefest in Eugene, OR and The One Love One Heart Festival in Sacramento. He also recently performed on Tribute to the Legends, Reggae on the River in Humboldt, CA, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Mendocino, CA and the Mystic Mountain Reggae Revival in Greenwood Maine. He is touring North America again in March, April, May and June 2017.

Contact Peter, Kings Music International at (510) 326-8445 or Peter@kingsmusicintl.com if you are interested in bookings.

Prez recollects – “I remember as a youth I started out from humble beginnings in the country side, hiding from my mother after church on Saturdays so that I’d be able to go to the dance hall. She tried to punish me each time by not letting me into the house until day light or to by making me fill three big water drums from the standpipe down the road before she would let me eat or sleep. No punishment mattered to me, so she finally gave up and told me to do what I wanna do. I would ride on the back of the truck that transports the sound system to the dancehall on weekends through the 14 parishes of Jamaica as an MC. Without fail I would always end up chanting on the mic with steady, conscious and positive lyrics. Over the years I created a name and reputation for myself locally. Driven from then by the intention to entertain, inform and inspire, today I am an independent touring/recording artist delivering the same vibes, now mature and more accurate, creating a fan base internationally.”

Prezident Brown is an influential musical spokesman and grassroots leader. His popularity is steadily on the rise as he continues to carry the musical torch in North America, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond. Prezident Brown is a spiritual musical messenger who shares spiritual knowledge and insight in his music. Prez is consistently a hard working artist, who keeps performing live and putting out new CD’s that bring strength and encouragement to his listeners. Prezident Brown is a champion of the new roots and reality consciousness reggae movement that entertains, informs and inspires. Prez’s releases are called To Jah Only, Generation Next, Prezident Brown – Showcase Volume One, Two, Three, 4 Health and Strength, Common Prosperity and I Sound is from Creation.

Influenced by the spirit of Rastafari and the original Jamaican dancehall rub-a-dub sound system movement Prezident Brown is scheduled to release his tenth studio album called The Journeyman Pilgrimage on 4/20. This project is close to his heart because it brings forth the best of his love in fourteen strong, fun, conscious, positive and spiritual tracks. These musical vibrations display the full maturity of his art, showcasing where he’s come from and where he is now.

“My career is a journey with different phases unfolding as I go. It’s a reggae journey and I believe music is of divine origin and should be invoked with the highest praise, so I’m inviting you all to join me. I call it The Journeyman Pilgrimage because I always go the extra mile with and for the purpose of delivering my music.”

For more information on Prezident Brown check his website.


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