Reggae Report Publisher Releases “Reggae Trilogy Vol. 1: 200+ 80s & 90s Artist Headshots”

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The First eBook from the Reggae Report Archives is an Essential Timeline Depicting the Fashion, Culture and Lifestyle of this Dynamic Era

June 25, 2019 (Miami)  – Publisher M. Peggy Quattro releases the first compilation of Reggae history from the Reggae Report Archives. Reggae Trilogy Vol. 1: 200+ 80s & 90 Artist Headshots is an entertaining, engaging time capsule that features 13 chapters of Reggae and Dancehall Headshots. Each collection begins with a personal and enlightening introduction by the Reggae pioneer. More than 200 promo Headshots depict the distinctive fashion, culture and lifestyle that catapulted Reggae artists onto the 80s and 90s world stage.

Thousands of promotional Headshots poured into Reggae Report for more than 20 years. As a fan and archivist, Ms. Quattro knew one day these photos would tell their own story. This wealth of photos will be delivered in three volumes of the Reggae Trilogy series. Crucial chapters include the Bands, Legends, Women, Singers, Groups, Dub Poets, Dancehall, Musicians, USA Reggae, International, Industry Pros, The Marleys, and Where Are They Now?.

Fueled by a passion to pass on this remarkable history to fans who surfaced since that amazing time–

before the Internet!–Ms. Quattro believes the knowledge of Reggae’s roots is central to understanding the music’s current status. Reggae Trilogy reaches across generations–from ‘tweens and teens to seasoned fans and veterans. The timeline acts as a valuable tool for dedicated fans of Music, Caribbean and Reggae history, educators and students at all levels.

Amazon Reggae Trilogy Vol. 1 Reviews:

“A brilliant way to capture and chronicle a crucial time period in the development of Reggae Music. It’s both informative and nostalgic.”

“Thoughtfully and strategically put together in an entertaining way by Ms. Quattro, a respected icon in the Reggae music industry.”

“This book is perfect for any Reggae fan!” 

“Fantastic trip down Reggae lane. Great photos, descriptions and a world of knowledge.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  M. Peggy Quattro’s career began May 11, 1981, assisting Don Taylor, Bob Marley’s manager. She revolutionized Reggae media in 1983 when Reggae Report Magazine was introduced as a way to spread the music and culture internationally. Reggae Report received multiple Best Reggae Magazine awards and Ms. Quattro became a noted multimedia guest and speaker. The Reggae Report Archive holds thousands of photos, articles and artist interviews covering 1983 to 1998. The Archive’s mission includes preserving Reggae history and educating generations of fans and students.

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