Seasplash Festival announces 30 new names, and the concept behind this year’s edition

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Seasplash FestivalSeasplash Festival has just announced 30 new names on the list of performers but also the concept behind this years festival edition. 16. Seasplash Festival will be held from 19 to 22 July atFort Punta Christo near Pula!

Seasplash Festival is one of the initiators of the Croatian independent music scene, inspired by the sound system culture and bass music, and is continually involved in its upgrading, nurturing and promoting.

“New Era” is “behind the scenes” concept and of this year’s 16th edition, due to the premiere performances of the number of artists that Seasplash Festival presents this year. We hope and predict that at least some of them could contribute to the creativity of local, regional and international scenes in the future.


As the leader of the second wave of announcements, Seasplash Festival is happy to welcome for the first time at the Fort Navigator MC – the veteran of the global jungle movement with more than 30 years of music experience. Navigator is a performer who can command the biggest crowds with his energy on the stage, MC skills, and witty lyrics. He has “lent” his voice to bands like Asian Dub Foundation and Freestylers, and on the Seasplash stage he will be joined by Filip Motovunski, one of the most significant domestic drum and bass, jungle and hip-hop DJs, and a permanent guest of the festival.

Digitron Sound System – the most famous sound system in the region and the first sound system in Croatia, celebrate their 10th birthday this year, and also at the Fort. These Croatian dub pioneers are recognizable by the fierce sound coming out of handmade sound boxes and a mix of different musical directions – from electronics to organic dub music.

A similar path, from the construction of their own sound system to the leaders of the scene in their hometown in Italy, took Italian duo Wicked & Bonny. With no rules in music and with sharp dubs in the digital-analog style, soulful versatile vocals, sirens and live effects they are ideal for summer festivals.

Vojko V, owner of the biggest Croatian rap hit in 2018, and judging by the critics, perhaps the best hip-hop album simply named “Vojko”, arrives at the Seasplash Festival. This rapper and music producer from Split, best known for his work in Dječaci and Kiša Metaka bands, thrills with his unique rap style, sense of humor and interesting song topics.

Vojko V

For over two decades Revelation Sound System promoted conscious music and heavy roots sound with the full spectrum of loudspeakers and bass boxes that you will hear but also feel.

Another domestic-foreign, MC and DJ combination comes in the form of Joe Raygun’s voice, and 207 DJ skills. Joe Raygun is a skilled British dubstep and drum and bass MC, a real lyricist at heart that doses every set he appears on with a string of thought-provoking bars and strictly good vibes. He will be accompanied by 207 from Pula, possibly the tallest dubstep DJ and producer in the world, who is constantly releasing music for big record labels of this genre.

Along with the above mentioned, on the ever-interesting Seasplash list that features a wide range of musical tastes, with emphasis on bass music and sound system culture, arrives yet more than 20 performers, which you can find about more at this link.

Festival tickets for Seasplash festival can be found at this link. Camping spot is secured and all those with the festival tickets.

You can aslo buy a group ticket that includes four days and nights of the festival program and free camping for you and your friends! Buy four Festival tickets and Seasplash is giving you the fifth for free!


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